Compliance Monitoring

It’s often said that whatever's measured, improves. The Plenux solution is unique in the market in offering advanced features for monitoring your activities and comparing them against the regulatory and corporate standards you're required to comply with. It includes tools to manage your own compliance programs and many other standards and programs for various industries. We also supply templates for reporting and managing investigations and registers, so that you can manage any remediation plans that your business requires. This module also enables you to prioritize your monitoring tasks and frequencies based on risk ratings you set up. This monitoring can be divided based on your preferences. You can assess and monitor the baseline controls, regulatory requirements and key risk indicators as you see fit, and monitor at two distinct levels: either self-assessment or supervisory review The scoring and consolidation methodologies offered in this module provide you with consistent evaluation of your internal controls and monitoring efforts. It’s all linked and integrated into the risk management modules for a seamless approach. Use the dashboard provided to see both horizontal and vertical scoring, and a consolidation of monitoring information. Reporting features offer the ability to create charts and statistics based on this data to support your internal information sharing and easily create reports and PowerPoint presentations.